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Printing Services

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A0 Plan

Rashma printers has been providing printing and scanning services to the architectural, construction and engineering industry for many years, offering quick, accurate and convenient plan printing and other services.

We provide a range of print services including B&W and Colour line drawings, including with rendering in A2, A1, B1 and A0 sizes in any quantity you require. We also offer hot and cold laminating services at competitive rates.

All of our printers are inkjet and deliver high quality, detailed plan and CAD prints and scanning up to 44”(1117mm) in width, easily accommodating up to A0 size.


labels can be a very interesting advertising solution. If you want to give your customers a present for christmas, for example, with label printing you are able to customize wine bottles, choclate oder any other item. Your customers will receive a unique present for christmas that proofs your care and creativity. labels printing can despite from this also be used to label glasses, boxes or other items. With a roll label your able to personalize the things that surround you and create an amazing effect.

label printing is not as difficult as most people think that it is. With customers have excess to a very special and reliable service offering the highest quality. Printsafari customers can choose from different sizes, colours, shapes and materials. This variety of options is part of why so many people are satisfied with The labels printing solutions we offer do really make a difference. But Labels can also be used for private purposes. For example when you are cooking marmelade and you want to fill it into little glasses to give them to your friends. Labels can be very helpful to organize activities like that. Design your own` Label and order it at


Wedding is a ceremony in which soul of a man and women are united together. This bond of union is made for lifelong and this union is done by God. Marriage is not only weaving of two souls also their families into new relationships.

In India wedding is considered to be a very important occasion for each and every members. In wedding occasions all relatives, friends, neighbors are united and celebrated as a most awaited occasions.

An invitation plays a major role in wedding celebrations. It is used for sharing your dream day’s happiness with your families and friends. Marriage invitations are used to display details about the wedding venue, place and timings the wedding is going to take place.

Our printing company in coimbatore is the best wedding card printing and designing service in coimbatore. We offer marriage invitations designing and printing for all communities like Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikh and also in all regional languages. We have wide range of colorful collections to customers in choosing invitations.

We offer wedding invitation card options as,

  • Regular cards.
  • Foldable cards.
  • Threaded cards.

Our printing company in coimbatore is the best wedding card designing and printing in velachery, coimbatore. With the help of the latest technology we shows our customer an immediate designing and proof checking. After getting approval from customers we will quickly start invitation card printing.

We also do designer wedding cards. Customers can design their own marriage invitation design. We also do online marriage invitation card designing in coimbatore. Our marriage invitation printing in coimbatore has features as affordable cost, high quality and at estimated timely delivery of the marriage invitations printing. We also do doorstep delivery of the printed wedding card to the customers.


Flyer printing allows you to get your message out to many people and is one of the most affordable means of getting your message out. Select single or double-sided flyers with a variety of finishing options. When you need quality flyer printing, Mimeo is the company to partner with.

Flyer printing is also one of the most affordable means of getting your message out. When compared to other types of communications, the price difference can be dramatic. For years we have been supplying our clients with high-quality print products and we can do the same for your company or organization. Mimeo understands how important it is that your project be produced with the highest quality possible. Our staff is both skilled and experienced, and this is shown in our 99.7% error-free rating; a full 20% higher than the industry average.

When you partner with Rashma Printers you become a valued client from day one. Our print on demand platform is a powerful online application that can take you step-by-step through virtually any type of document creation. You can edit, customize and print your documents from within our system, all without ever leaving your desk. It’s the easiest way to get your flyer printing project off the ground.


Sticker is a piece of paper printed and pasted on a compact disc (CD). Printing company in coimbatore offers CD Stickers printing services in coimbatore which are eye catching stickers with affordable price to the customers. We are outstanding experts in CD stickers/Label designing company in coimbatore. Attractive designs provide great success. It is a important factor to the marketing strategy.

Our product should look good and attractive to the customers.CD Labels /Covers should have following,

  • Top quality printing
  • Glossy finish or matt finish paper
  • Innovative designs for attracting customers
  • Clear trade mark of the company

In printing company in coimbatore we satisfy all the customer’s needs in designing the CD label/stickers for marketing purpose.

Our Features in CD cover or Sticker designing and printing,

  • Customized designs.
  • Multi colored or monochrome printing.
  • Durable CD covers.
  • Glossy or matte finishing looks.

We are the best in CD cover or stickers printing and desinging services in coimbatore. We do designing by highly qualified professionals and our covers have high quality and durability with smudge proof printing and estimated delivery of products to the clients. We are specialized services in CD cover or CD sticker printing in coimbatore.

Poster Signs

Online poster signs can provide you with a full color poster signs service that may be the exact marketing tool you need to promote your small business or start up organization. Cheap poster signs can be an extremely affordable method of quality advertisement that will get your business recognized by large numbers of potential customers and clients. Whether you need online poster signs to promote a specific product or to advertise a special event, a poster signs service can get your message the attention it deserves with an affordable price thanks to bulk printing. With our Poster signs Templates it is easy to create a print-ready file and if you need any assistance our team is always happy to help. In any case, we offer all common poster sizes you need.

A high quality poster signs service can offer a number of marketing and advertising options in the form of offset printed poster advertising with online poster signs at a very minimal cost with high quality results. Create a high impact at a low cost with cheap poster signs with our full color poster printing service. Use affordable cheap posters printing to promote your small business, restaurant or start up organization, promote a new product, or advertise a special event. Our quality bulk poster printing will get your business or organizations noticed by a multitude of potential patrons and bring in the business you need to make your small business a success.

Business Cards

Business card is also known as calling card, which has company information’s or individual person’s information’s i.e. contact details. Business card is a face to face business interaction. It is shared at first time of meeting a client. It is mainly used for contact purpose. Business card should posses the following,

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact no
  • Email ID
  • Website address

Printing company in Coimbatore designing team provides business card designing in multicolored looks. We have professional designers for Business card printing and designing services in Coimbatore. Business card explains about your brand by introducing about the company details. Our features in designing business cards are,

  • Printing on both side of the card and single side of the card available.
  • Coated and uncoated cards available.
  • Gloss or matte finish available.
  • Various coloring options available.
  • Lamination done for final appearance.

Our business card printing company in Coimbatore prints business cards in offset and digital technology at affordable price with high quality of service and estimated timely delivery of products to client. We offer various coloring options for printing to the clients. We have highly skilled professional for designing. So, our designs are in unique way.

We provide a great designs in business card designs as it is very small it should be very attractive and informative to the client. We use eye catching designs and attractive graphics design in printing business cards in Coimbatore.We respect client’s valuable time and deliver the products at on or before specified time of deliver.


booklet with a card cover may just be the thing to create a lasting impression. Popular with interior designers, businesses selling home furnishings and skin care company's who are looking to promote a fresh image.

Booklets are comfortable. We know how to hold them, we know how to read them. They're the dependable choice for brands that want to emphasise their dependability.

Most popular with corporates who are looking for a clean professional product.

booklets are popular for businesses who may have a tight budget but are still looking to promote their brand. Because they are small in size can be economical for sending out in the mail - can be printed Portrait or Landscape.

Popular with all professional businesses, but especially so with spa and beauty stores as they make a great economical handout.

Hang Tags

Your products are ready. Your store is ready. What is the finishing touch that will give your brand a style all it's own? We make it easy to customize hang tags that accentuate each item. Even if your tags are intended as informational, they promote your brand as well.

Hang tags are an easy solution to add pricing, instructions, or your brand story with a professional design. Although most often used for garment or clothing tags, they will expertly brand all types of products by labeling jars, bottles, food and more. Because they reflect your brand identity, they serve multiple roles, so will attract, as well as inform, customers.

We offer die-cut printing for your tags, which means you can print hang tags in your choice of different shapes including oval, rectangle and folded. We also have metallic and foil hang tags for upscale brands and special occasions. We offer hang tags specialized for clothing, gifts, jewelry, and retail applications. The finished tags come with holes punched in your choice of 5 locations. This is where you attache your strings or cords to hang them on your products. These holes can be ordered in different sizes.

Strings are not included with standard orders, but we are eager to accommodate custom requests, so call us if you'd like to add a feature like strings or a custom coating. Print hang tags now and have them ready as soon as the next business day.

Digital Prints

Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. It usually refers to professional printing where small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers.

Digital printing has a higher cost per page than more traditional offset printing methods, but this price is usually offset by avoiding the cost of all the technical steps required to make printing plates. It also allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround time, and even a modification of the image (variable data) used for each impression.

The savings in labor and the ever-increasing capability of digital presses means that digital printing is reaching the point where it can match or supersede offset printing technology's ability to produce larger print runs of several thousand sheets at a low price.

The greatest difference between digital printing and traditional methods such as lithography, flexography, gravure, or letterpress is that there is no need to replace printing plates in digital printing, whereas in analog printing the plates are repeatedly replaced.

This results in quicker turnaround time and lower cost when using digital printing, but typically a loss of some fine-image detail by most commercial digital printing processes. The most popular methods include inkjet or laser printers that deposit pigment or toner onto a wide variety of substrates including paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble, and other substances.

Event Tickets

Hold a Professional Event with Quality Event Tickets

With ticket printing, you can present your upcoming event in the best light possible. When people are presented with professional-looking tickets, they are more likely to attend an event - that's why it pays to invest in quality concert tickets printing services. Printing event tickets is an important part of throwing a first-rate gala, concert or other event. Our topnotch concert tickets printing services will put stylish, professional event tickets in your hands for a very reasonable price.

Custom Ticket Printing Information

Our concert ticket printing services are exceptional. They include the following features:

  • - 8-13 business-day turnaround times
  • - Printed on 100 gloss cover, aqueous-coated paper
  • - Available in two standard concert ticket sizes - send us an email to receive a custom quote

Your Premier Source for Printing Event Tickets

The tickets that you present people with are the first impression that they'll get about your upcoming event. When printing event tickets, it pays to invest in quality. Our custom ticket printing services are reliable and exceptional. Why pay for concert tickets printing that doesn't make a great impression? Our concert tickets printing services are the most convenient and affordable way to obtain topnotch event tickets.

Don't trust your custom ticket printing to just anyone. We're the experts in printing event tickets!


Grabbing Customer Attention with Menus

A menu printing service offers menus as an effective marketing tool. These attractive brochures can be ordered conveniently through an online printing service. A menu printing service allows business owners to order these tiny promotional items which are portable reminders for customers to make a return visit. Print restaurant menus can be carried in wallets, purses, and pockets and passed from one client to another. Online menu printing is the most economical way to print restaurant menus.

A menu printing service gives the customer a variety of options for their online menu printing needs. Colors, sizes, and designs can be chosen for print restaurant menus that grab attention. When ordering menus from an online menu printing company, businesses can expect their purchases in about a week. Once these promotional items start to circulate, customers will begin to ask for them and pass them to friends. In this way, print restaurant menus help generate new clients.

Printed on 4X10 inch card stock, menus are like a business card with added benefits. By ordering these through an online menu printing company, a business can keep its name and number at the forefront of attention. menus can set a restaurant apart from its competitors, ensuring repeat business. An online menu printing service makes ordering easy with representatives provided to guide clients through every step.

menus not only promote your restaurant, they are convenient for your guests. These portable menus fit into any pocket or wallet and allow your customers to choose their meal in advance and show your offers to colleagues and friends. For many, this is a daily question: "Where do we go to eat?"


Given that it’s incredibly easy to print a calendar accurately and to your own specs, calendar printing is one thing every small business and nonprofit should do. Calendars aren’t just sought-after giveaways, they can also make you the center of attention, all year round. Unlike many other promotional items, most people consult a calendar every day. A branded custom calendar can make an untold number of impressions and brand recognition every day throughout the course of a year. What other giveaway can claim that?

Wall calendars are bound with Wire-O or saddle-stitching and display each month on a separate page, making them great for planning and for clearly displaying events. Tearing a page off as the months pass means wall calendars give you a feeling of satisfaction and completion too.

Poster calendars have all months on one page and can double as decoration for your home or workplace. This format is especially popular for photo calendars or visual design showcases. Some people even collect poster calendars solely for the designs, keeping them displayed even when the year’s over. This means a well-designed poster calendar can potentially make impressions for more than a year.

Letter Heads

Letterhead is at the top of the sheet which contains heading about the company. Letterhead mainly consisting of logo, company name, address, and contact information’s in top of a plain paper. Our designing teams have a good designing in letterhead printing in coimbatore. Many company uses letterhead for communication. It is a stationary printed with the information about the concern. Letterhead with good looks provides better visual identity of the organization. It is designed with header and footer. Letter head with creative design grab separate identity.

We provide designing in letterhead process by using latest technology like designs, quality with cost effective. Our designs will make great impression towards customers. Bright papers are used to clear vision. We are expertise in this field of designing services in coimbatore.

Our features as letter head printing service are,

  • Designed by highly professional artistic graphic designers.
  • Full color printing.
  • Available in all suitable sizes.
  • Executive bond premium white sheet.
  • Compatible to laser or ink jet printers.
  • Available at affordable price.
  • On time delivery of products to clients.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates will provide customers with a simple way to share their excitement at your company's offerings with friends and family using gift certificates. These gift certificates also serve as an excellent way to reward repeat customers and clients for their patronage. Customize these gift certificates with your company's logo, contact information and colors to project a professional air that's sure to impress potential customers. Heavy card stock and full-color printing make these gift certificates an attractive way to entice customers to patronize your business. Each of these custom gift certificates comes with its own envelope, making them easy to hand out or mail to recipients.

Counter Cards

The invention of Card Printers has changed the way many businesses function and precisely the printing of counter cards. Gone are the days when counter cards had to be subcontracted. Counter cards printing is an easy and economical way to a company can attract a customer’s attention to a specific product, service or offer that the company is offering and promoting. This printing is ideal and great for the freelancer, a sales person a businessperson. Additionally, counter cards printing helps business to differentiate its brand. Consequently, various print companies provide quick, reliable, dependable, and at reasonable prices within a short time. This has made the cards to be an ideal solution for companies to use when promoting their services, and products. These are a grand and immense marketing tool for every business. Counter Cards are frequently used in businesses to broadcast and publicize special actions, events, and sales. They are also exhibited and presented at countertops, information desks, and waiting for areas. Furthermore, they are also used at trade shows, and also exhibitions to emphasize, show up, and also highlight very vital and imperative information and details about the company. Therefore, counter cards are handy, convenient, sturdy, durable and easy to keep.

A0 Canvas Prints

Order canvas prints at UPrinting and turn your favorite photographs into sophisticated artworks. Choose between rolled or stretched for home, office or business establishment use.


Printing company in Coimbatore do brochure printing services in Coimbatore provide customized offset printing. Brochure is used to pass information or convey information about a product or services of an organization. Brochure designing gives initial impression of a company. We do brochure printing service in Coimbatore at lowest price.

Our printing company in Coimbatore has very good experience in Brochure printing with high quality and delivery in time. We do best printing brochure design in Coimbatore We design and create brochure according to customer’s view of satisfaction. We design brochure by highly skilled professionals. So, our brochure designs will attract more targeted customers and helps in development of your business.

Our features in brochure printing,

  • We provide various options in colors, sizes.
  • Different kinds of paper quality with gloss or matte finish work.
  • Use high resolution pictures or images.
  • Folding options as single, double and tri-fold.

Brochure includes Flyers, Leaflets, and Newspaper Inserts.Our brochures are with high quality as it was designed and printed by using latest digital offset printing technologies.

Door Hangers

Enhance Your Marketing Campaign with Door Hangers

Keeping a marketing campaign fresh and new is important; doing so, however, is easier said than done. These days, there are many great ways to enhance a marketing campaign - and business door hangers are excellent examples. The promotional door hangers that are produced through our door hanger printing services are sure to pack a real wallop.

What You'll Get

Our topnotch promotional door hangers include the following features:

  • Die-cut to fit securely onto a door knob
  • Can be printed onto 100 lb gloss cover, 100 lb book, 14 pt card stock or 16 pt card stock
  • Average turnaround of seven to eleven business days
  • Available in three sizes

The Benefits You'll Enjoy

When placed on doorknobs, business door hangers aren't likely to be overlooked. Thanks to topnotch offset printing, these promotional door hangers are sure to catch the eyes of passersby. Our door hanger printing services are second to none; our satisfied customers report incredible response levels from our business door hangers.

Promotional door hangers are large enough to include plenty of information. Thanks to our vast experience with door hanger printing services, we are able to produce business door hangers that get results. You're sure to find an investment in our exceptional door hanger printing services to be worth your while!


Wedding invitation envelopes are a must-have, unless you've decided to purchase seal and send wedding invitations (explore seal and sends). We offer a nice selection of invitation envelopes to complete your wedding invitation ensemble. You'll find several different sizes, some of which are available in a variety of colors.

Wedding envelopes are meant to complement the wedding invitation ensemble, which is why we offer most envelopes in white and ecru and some envelopes in several different colors. We even offer a few envelopes in shimmer colors to add a little extra shine to your ensemble. Choose the color that best coordinates with your invitation design and paper colors.

Invitation envelopes are available in several sizes, including a smaller size for enclosures like response cards. We also offer a few unique sizes, like square (6 1/4" x 6 1/4"; 5 1/2" x 5 1/2") and tea length (4" x 9 1/4"). Just remember, uniquely shaped wedding invitations commonly require additional postage. Be sure to assemble an invitation ensemble and have it weighed at the post office to determine the proper amount of postage before purchasing.

Addressing your wedding envelopes is an important part of creating a polished look for your wedding invitation ensemble. We offer a few different options for addressing your invitation envelopes. We highly recommend return address stamps - a great way to apply your return address to all wedding envelopes. You will find a variety of stylish designs and ink colors to choose from. The best part about address stamps is that they are reusable and will last for years!

Perhaps you prefer to hand address your invitation envelopes but would still like to add a decorative touch to each one. Shop our collection of envelope seals. These affordable accents are the perfect finishing touch for your wedding invitation ensembles.


Poster designing is mainly used for outdoor advertisement, announcements. Mainly posters displayed in public places are used to attract the passer by people.Printing company in Coimbatore do poster printing services in Coimbatore which provide eye catching poster designs to attract the passer by peoples. Our Poster printing services in Coimbatore provide you a different designs and cost effective posters in efficient time.

Poster designing is mainly depends on advertising on public places. The main use of poster designing is to draw attention of the passerby people. Within a second of time we have to attract the passerby people to grab the attention and create interest about our product. Our message should be much focused, creative to attract the customers. We have to attract the customers by selecting very different statements, designs and photos.

Our Printing company in Coimbatore poster designing services in Coimbatore very effective knowledge in designing posters with impact of using correct backgrounds and attractive colors,creative graphics designs, legible text which helps in easy understanding of the matter described.

Our printing and designing posters is done in multi colors, 100% digitalized offset printing with different size and variety according to client’s requirements. We are using gloss or matte finishing technology for fabrication process. Our posters are with amazing layouts and attractive graphics designs.Our team is very professional and expertise in poster designing services in Coimbatore

A0 Vinyl Print

Our standard vinyl printing material has a matte finish with a permanent adhesive, and we print with Latex inks that are environmentally benign and have 3-5 year life outdoors. Our 720 dpi printing process gives outstanding photo-realistic prints. We also stock a glossy finish adhesive vinyl with a semi permanent, one-year adhesive that is easier to remove. We stock both clear and white window cling. For applications that require the ability to see out a window, use our window perf material. Adhesive vinyl material requires a very smooth surface for proper adhesion. For application to interior painted drywall, we suggest wallboard vinyl which has the same matte vinyl face with a "sticky note" adhesive. Adhesive vinyl is essentially bumper sticker material in large size. It has a vinyl face and an adhesive back covered with a release paper. To obtain a smooth installation, it should be installed by wetting the surface and using a squeegee. We do adhesive vinyl printing for windows and for directional signage, for labeling in cafeterias and retail stores, and have done a number of jobs in manufacturing plants for process and quality charting. Our vinyl cutter allows us to cut shapes in adhesive vinyl, giving you decals and stickers that demand attention. We can cut vinyl letters, either from colored vinyl or we'll print PMS colors and cut them out. Call for pricing on cut vinyl.

News Letters

A good newsletter will increase customer retention and communicate company news, but great newsletters help you interact and truly connect with your audience. Many successful newsletters include QR Codes or unique URLs that push the prospect from the physical newsletter to find out more information online. Think of them as a teaser to a bigger prize--your business! Some newsletters offer survey questions or an "Ask the Expert" column to help increase communication between the client, customer or prospect and the company. The key is regular interaction of value with your most important asset: your customers. Newsletters are a perfect vehicle to promote your new product, service or group. They create a sense of community, can reach a wide audience and provide useful information. So, you have a good idea, service or a great new product to launch in your newsletter. But, how do you design a good newsletter? What are the key elements to a good newsletter layout and "look"? It is one thing to have tons of great information, but how do you assemble, refine and organize all of it, while making it appeal to your audience? Read on and find out how to avoid the pitfalls and frustrations, and come out with a polished newsletter to promote you and your business.

Greeting Cards

Our greetings cards come in a variety of sizes with envelopes included as standard. Choose from 350gsm Silk, which has smooth, sheened finish; Uncoated, which offers a no-fuss finish that can easily be written on; or Conqueror Wove stock, which boasts sharp images and a soft, creamy finish. Print them double or single-sided with the option of Matt or Gloss lamination on one side so that the inside of the card can be written on.


Folders are useful in all kinds of businesses. You can customize them to hand out as presentation folders or marketing kits. Doing this increase the chances of promoting your brand identity. They’re also used to hold your loose documents together for easy storage and for review when needed. Folders are usually used in conjunction with filing cabinets. Most of them have a tab for labeling purposes. The name of a folder usually describes its content. Maximizing this opportunity to create custom folders for your brand is also a great idea to increase awareness. You just have to make them look professional yet attractive to capture your audience’s attention.

Post Cards

Postcards make a wonderful, cost effective way to deliver an advertizing message in a burst of color.'s postcard printing services offer offset printing because it offers the best combination of a high image quality, a speedy production rate, and cheap postcard printing costs.

Our postcard printers' online options let your business or organization use its own graphics with our postcard printing services. Cheap postcard printing doesn't have to mean inferior quality images, just great rates. We have a help center to assist you with our postcard printing services so you can upload your image and prepare you file just the way you want it.

When both cost and time are of essence, our cheap postcard printing rates and average one-week order time will let you reach large numbers of people quickly. Our postcard printers offer a rush turnaround rate as fast as 3 days. We can provide cheap postcard printing promptly.

Many postcard printers lack flexibility in their postcard printing services, but we believe postcard printers ought to make ordering easy and payment simple. So at we give you, the customer, all the options that you need to best reach and relate to your customers or patrons.

Note Pad

As per the needs of the customers, we are offering the best quality array of Notepad Printing Service. These are rendered according to the client’s demands using high-quality input factors. In addition to this, these are offered as per industry norms at industry leading prices.

notepads, promotional notepads or custom printed notepads can be a great way to market your small business, restaurant, or start-up organization. Custom printed notepads with your business logo can easily make your business or organization a household name by spreading recognition among customers. Don’t just place your logo on your notepads though. Remember to include other aspects, such as address, phone number, email address or even your personal business motto on your promotional notepads. Placing all of this useful information on your custom printed notepads can give you an advantage over your competition by giving your potential customers all the necessary contact information in one convenient place.

notepads can be given away to potential patrons at networking functions, trade shows, as special gift items or sent in the mail with advertisements. By placing your business logo and information on notepads, people will read your information each time they use them. Additionally, any time someone jots down a note for another person on one of these custom printed notepads, that person will also read your business information. Soon, your small business or organization will become widely recognized as a result of marketing and advertising strategies with promotional notepads, notepads and custom printed notepads.

Notepads are more than just sheaves of paper – they’re an invitation to get creative from the front cover to the very back page. The cornerstone of office communications and the place where memorable projects and writing begins. Add your own touch with the personalised notepad options available.

If you want professional company branding across the board, or to add an extra touch of character to something of your own, we offer personalised notepad printing services in a range of customisable colours and sizes.

Rack Cards

Custom rack cards are fantastic marketing tools. They serve as low cost promotional items, great for eliciting repeat buyers and new customers. Custom rack cards are well suited to a wide range of businesses, allowing for colorful and educational business information that customers can easily take with them. Many businesses place custom rack cards near checkout lines or service desks, where customers can take one without feeling any pressure.

When considering custom rack cards, it is important to know the options for rackcards printing. For the utmost convenience, many businesses utilize online rack card printing. With online rack card printing, businesses can create high quality rack cards to reflect their business. When using online rack card printing, it easy to specify the size and amount for any order. Information on color, images, and shipping are all accessible online, making online rack card printing stress-free. This type of rackcards printing is fast and efficient, often with priority processing available.

Rackcards printing is cost effective and has real marketing dividends. The end product is high quality, often with UV coating for extra strength and durability. In this way, rackcards printing is a smart move for any business looking for easy marketing success.

Sales Sheets

Sales sheet printing is an easy way to showcase your products and services. Combine them together with a presentation folder for your next client sales meeting. Not to mention this method will give your business success so you don’t have to waste time talking about the products details and more time building a strong relationship with you customer. A sell sheet is usually simply a one-page flyer with your product information. A sell sheet is best used at the beginning of the sales cycle to get the attention and interest of the prospect. After the meeting has closed it leaves your client with a reminder and reference of the products discussed that day. Sales sheet printing options includes a variety of sizes, substrates and finishing options. Your product pricing and information is the most important printed item in your business. Whatever type of product you sell, a sales sheet printing produced by Just Press Print gives your business a professional sales presentation right from the start. We offer sell sheets in four standard sizes to meet your needs all produced with our advanced printing technology.

A0 Photo Glossy

If your business needs an injection of high-quality visual appeal, our gloss poster printing service may be just what you’re looking for. With an emphasis on providing your posters in a glossy finish made to shine, your customers are sure to get the message.

RashmaPrintrs is committed to your cause, producing posters that will stand out wherever you choose to place them. Your shop window or trade fair stand is sure to benefit from the work that we can produce using our specialist gloss poster printing service, in a variety of sizes – it’s all part of the service.

Whatever your plans for print production, we can help you to come up with something that’s sure to catch the eye of customers. From handy A4 gloss posters to oversized A0 and B1 posters, we can help you to get the most from your display space and provide a splash of design brilliance for your store or business.

We can help you to design your product if you’re struggling to put that final touch to your own poster design ideas - and what’s more, we guarantee your order will be printed up within 24 hours of receiving the design. With free delivery on all UK orders, you can expect positive customer feedback on your advertising even sooner than you thought.


Catalogue is a defined as the systematic list of items or goods or products in an alphabetical order with price list. The main thing in designing catalogue items depends on three things catalogue items are displaced with photos, prices and description. Good catalogue designs are important in development of sales which help in the growth or achievement in reaching the targets. Our printing company in coimbatore does Catalogue Printing Services which is one of the leading printing companies which have very good experienced professionals for designing.

Catalogue items depends on the following three things they are,

  • Imaginative photos.
  • Uniform design
  • Clear product details

By using the above technique correctly in catalogue designing we can overcome the competition in the global industry markets. Mainly catalog’s success depends on the finishing in its paper quality. Choosing right quality of paper for right designs provide good finishing looks which can easily and attract customers at instant.

Our features in catalogue printing,

  • Full colored printing on both sides.
  • Various size in printing
  • Various paper quality like gloss or matte finishing looks.
  • Optional Pinning or binding done.

Our Catalogue Printing Services offers wide variety of designing layouts for customers to choose their designs. When matching up with other Printing Services in coimbatore we offer catalogue printing at affordable price to our customers. Our designing and printing service team is very dedicated and gives a valuable service with best quality output in the Printing industry in coimbatore.

Back light board

Knowing us as a well known firm, we are also engaged in offering a quality range of Back Light Board to meet the needs of our clients. These lights are easily installed and do not cause any harm to the naked eyes. Unmatched quality, durability, excellent performance and reliability are considered as some of the main features of these lights.We are among the reputed organizations, highly engaged in providing the best quality Back Light Board Printing Service.

The provided printing service is highly appreciated by our clients owing to its excellent printing quality and vibrant colors. We use the latest techniques and excellent grade printing machine to offer this service in a prompt manner.

  • 150gsm Backlit Polyester Duratrans Material
  • Industry standard for backlit applications
  • Super fast turnaround
  • Super high quality